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The Chiaramonte Family

The generations following John Chiaramonte and Madalina Maggio begin with emigration from Borgetto, PA Sicily, Italy

Madalina and John Chiaramonte
Giacomo (preferred to be called John)

Madalina (Maggio)
Aunt Anna M. (1915-Unknown)
Uncle Johnny (Giacomo)
Uncle Tony (Anthony)
Uncle Peter J.
(DOB Unknown-1942)
Dad (Frank S.)
Uncle Joey (Joseph)
(DOB Unknown)

Anna Chiaramonte
Anna Chiaramonte
Robert Sottilare (Uncle Bob)
John Sottilare
(1938)    Rose Stankowitz
Robert Sottilare
(1939)     Mary   (Theresa Calabria)
Antionette Sottilare
(1943)     Donald Dunn
Peter Sottilare
(1945)     Linda        (Edna)
Anthony Sottilare
(1949)     Carol        (Debbie)

John and Mary Chiaramonte
John (Giacomo) Chiaramonte
John Chiaramonte
(Unknown-Died young in his teens)
John Chiaramonte
(Unknown-Died young in his 30s) (married)
Marilyn Murphy
(abt 1943)      

Peter Chamonte
Peter J. Chamonte
(Unknown-Saturday December 19, 1942 )
No Known Descendant
Died young in his teens to early 20s in the Philipines as a Soldier in the US Army)

Uncle Tony and Aunt Jean
Anthony Chiaramonte
Jack Chiaramonte
Joseph Chiaramonte
Madeline Chiaramonte
Christine Chiaramonte

Jean and Frank Chiaramonte
Frank S. Chiaramonte
Genevieve (Jean)
John Francis Chiaramonte
Bernadette Brown
Jo Ann Schunck
Martin Chiaramonte

Margaret and Joseph Chiaramonte
Joseph Chiaramonte
(Aunt Margie)
Joseph Jr. Chiaramonte
Donna Chiaramonte

Credits: Cousin John Sottilare... Our Chiaramonte Family Genealogy Researcher. These pages are based on his work.
Antionette Sottliare and Jo Ann Schunck for saving and copying precious old family photos.

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